Monday, July 14, 2008

Yes, there are Hawaiians in New Orleans!

We didn't believe it ourselves until we had seen it, but there ARE Hawaiians in New Orleans.  There were also a lot of people who had never heard Hawaiian music before, or didn't even know who the Makaha Sons were, all at the Lakeview Harbor Restaurant parking lot last night.  The lot was packed full, mostly with people in their aloha wear, but also a bunch of biker dudes in their Harley-Davidson gear.  All tapping their feet and nodding their heads to the music.  It was amazing.  We saw Tom & Pam Pitz from Toronto in the audience too...they were at the Houston show and they are coming to Nashville!  When Barry played his 12th Street Rag/Sweet Georgia Brown medley, the crowd went absolutely nuts!  There were some guys from the New Orleans Jazz Festival in the audience, and we wouldn't be surprised if Barry gets invited to play there.  And of course everyone stops breathing when Kealo comes out and dazzles them with her graceful hula.  At the end, when we hana hou'd with a medley of Take a Walk in the Country/I'll Remember You/Aloha 'Oe/Hawaii Aloha, everyone stood up and joined hands and sang along, and there weren't many dry eyes in the house.

What was most gratifying was talking to the people after the show, some who haven't been back to Hawaii in 30 years.  They were so appreciative that Mark brought Hawaiian music to, of all places, New Orleans, Lousiana.  People were already talking about next year and how they will bring their friends.  And that's what it's all about right?  Sharing the music and spreading the word.

We can't thank Mark Schenk enough...not only for bringing us to his hometown, but also for being such a huge supporter for all these years (I think it's 14 years now!)  He has some phenomenal stories about the Sons that I hope one day he'll share with all of you.  Mahalo nui to Mark and his 'ohana:
Mark Jr.

and extended 'ohana:
Six Pack (the movie star)
Ricochet (the cruiser)
Road Runner (chef extraordinaire)

and Juan and the sound guys were awesome.  Thanks Dolf, for the stage and lighting...we LOVE your truck!  

Weaver 'ohana, thank you for the beautiful lei's.

to the Lakeview Harbor family, thank you for making us feel at home.  

We hope to be back next year!!!


Dolphman26 said...

Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your show. We really enjoyed it. And Moon, I plan to take you up on your offer to see you guys back home.

Dolph Federico
Pelican Events

weaver said...

Aloha! What's da haps Uncles? Just wanted to let you know how much fun the Weaver Ohana had at the show. We still cant believe the Makaha Sons came to the Big Easy! We laughed all the way home, in between phone calls to mom and the other brothers that weren't able to be there. We'll try to have the rest of the Weaver Ohana here for the next show. One year right? We were glad we met the other 5 Hawaiians in New Orleans, haha! We will keep in touch, we will never forget the night New Orleans had their 1st taste of the Makaha Sons and the Aloha spirit.
Barry and Keola we thought you two were awesome! Can't wait to see you at Jazz Fest.
The DVD is awesome! Mahalo!

Aloha, Weaver Ohana