Thursday, July 17, 2008

Johnson Theater - Nashville, Tennessee

Last year, when we performed at the Johnson Theater for the first time, we were so impressed by the acoustics and the tech staff and management that we decided to come back again this year, and we weren't disappointed!  Apparently the audience from last year did as they promised and brought back 50% more people to the show on Wednesday night.  It's nice to see their Hawaiian Club growing too.  Mahalo to Vanessa Maynard who helped spread the word and also coordinated the opening halau.  Great job!  

For this show, we got to perform a lot of our hapa haole favorites.  We normally don't use a songlist (or just throw out the one we write when we get a feel for the crowd) and just go with the flow.  As expected, Barry brought the house down with not one, but TWO standing ovations!  

We'd like to thank the following people for helping us make this concert a success:

Heather White
J.R. Hutchins
Doug Dowler
Jeff Ent
Karen Palin
Ginger Muse
Jennifer Baker
Vanessa Maynard & Hui Hawai'i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club
Sandy Mosley

Hope to see you all again next year!


LaRose said...

Mahalo for coming to Nashville and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. I didn't realize you had been here before. But since you said you hope to be back next year, I am going to count on it and will be there! We thoroughly enjoyed the show---in fact, I enjoyed it so much that the time just flew by. When you finished up, I thought we'd only been there about 45 minutes and was very surprised to see 2 hours had gone by. I have signed up for your newsletter to keep track of your performances.

Also, I was very happy today to see the video of Kealo performing at Miss Aloha Hula a couple of years ago. I kept telling my friend who attended the concert with me "Kealo is such a wonderful dancer, so graceful, so beautiful". Now I know why!

John, exactly what was the bass you were playing? It does look a little bit like a Kona Walking Stick. I just couldn't see it well enough and forgot to ask about it in the lobby afterward.

One more wish: as much as I like going to TPAC, I would love to hear the sounds of your wonderful voices and music in Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It just opened about 2 years ago and is one of the most beautiful venues in Nashville. Think about it, okay.

Much love and aloha to you all. Have a very safe journey on your trip and back home.

Sandy said...

Aloha e Makaha Sons, & Sharlene,

Mahalo nui loa for coming to Nashville again to do your second concert, this past July.

We had such a great time, and your concerts are always exceeding my expectations.

It was a great night of your wonderful harmonies, your talent is incomparable! Beautiful hula by the beautiful and graceful, Kealo Koko, and Barry Kimokeo's Blistering Guitar Licks! (Ghost Riders In The Sky, for one...)
good humor, laughing, just a special time indeed.

I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us Makaha Sons Fans in 2009 - See you next year, in Nashville!

The Makaha Sons: Are No Ka Oi!

PS Mahalo nui to all The Makaha Sons, Sharlene, Guest Artists, for talking with us before, and after the concert, taking photos with me, and giving of your autographs.

Blessings & Me ke aloha pumahana,
Sandy & Paul Mosley
in Tennessee

zhuntsman said...

Mahalo for a awesome show. It was nice to sit and let out thoughts transend back home to the pacific islands. Keola, you was fantastic. Beautiful and graceful. We love your name so much that my daughter inlaw Gigi, will be naming her new baby, (when she arrives)after you. I think you remember her asking you and you said you "would be honored" for her to do that.Well, we live in the country and we was so glad to hear that y'al would be preforming here...we loved every minute of it. I play your cd every day on my drive in to work...will be purchasing the video soon so we can watch Keola dance...Mahalo for bringing our heritage to us. You are a wonderful group and we thoroughly loved your preformance.
Come back and see us next year..we got to round up some more hawaiians around here...lots didn't know you guys was comming.
Mahalo a nui loa...Ziona Wallace Huntsman...from Westmoreland, TN.