Sunday, July 20, 2008


Orlando is like this super-huge playground.  Kinda like Disneyland on steroids.  So that is the reason we haven't been able to write for the past few days!  We finally got to Orlando at like 1:30am on Friday morning.  But bright and early, some of us were up and ready to go to MGM Studios.  Others just stayed and hung out around the hotel, and some went to get pampered at the spa next door.  

Orlando is hot.  Like super-hot.  And super-humid.  Even just standing still and breathing will cause you to perspire.  Okay, that's too delicate.  Cause you to sweat.  Or should we say "super-sweat."  

If you're wondering where all this "super" terminology is coming from, it's our latest "Makaha Son-ism" or whatever you call it.  There was a waiter back in Oregon who described every menu item as "super" this or "super" that and Kealo picked up on it and pretty soon everything was "super" superb and "super" fantastic.  It's kinda like last year's "MEAN!" and "reeeaaaallllly."  But...don't look for any "super" shirts to be coming out "super" soon.  We are currently working on Kealo's "ha" line (some of you might have seen the "ohana" shirts at Take a Walk in the Country).  It's "super" terrific.

Friday night we were joined by Marina (our promoter), her daughter Kanoa, and her niece and her boyfriend, and Uncle Pat from Ua Mau, at Benihana's.  The food was so good but as always we ate too much.  John's son Kapua, his wife Misty, and grandson Pai'ea also drove in late Friday night.

On Saturday, some of us went to Universal Studios (see picture above).  Saturday night was the show, and we'll write about that later on.  

For now, we have more things to do, places to go, people to see!  And music to practice for tonight!  hahahaha!

Hope you all are having a "super" Sunday!


Prince GPS said...

Ok both days playing.......Can you say isolated thunder/lightning storms. We went to Disney studios on the first day and it was alright. we didnt ride much because the lines were waaay tooo long. Areosmith was the bomb. Kelly and i was going to see the stunt show when the sky got dark and the lighting and thunder scared the S#%t out of me. It was right overhead.
i ended up buying ponchos(dont ask how much)for the 6 of us(me,kelly,john,jerry,aunty londa, and Kealo).

Universal was awesome. we went to the islands of adventure. That was super fun. i bought express passes for us(me,kelly,Pua,Misty, Shar,kealo, pai was too small). The express pass got us to the front of the lines..can you say CheeeHooooo. we rode all kinds of stuff taking turns whos watching pai while mom and dad ride.

We stayed away from the water rides becasue we didnt want to get wet.....can you say "bachi.....bad luck".
We was waiting in line to ride dualing dragons and the sky got dark again....and the thunder and lighting over head scareded me again. this time no ponchos so we ended up getting SOAKED to the bone getting back to the car. Misty was the smart one and brought 2 umbrellas for her, baby and daddy.

Next time we know.

Thanks You very much to the people who made these little excursions possible for us. It was super fabulous.

The Shows was awesome.....the food from the Halau that welcomed us to there home was Superr delish....."Hollla".....and Thank You to Marina and the Ohana, Uncle Pat and his Ohana, Dave and his crew for making my Orlando Shows so easy and awesome and everybody else with too many name to mentions who made this show Super Fabulous.

Mahalo to the Uncles( Moon,John, Jerome),Aunty Londa, Kealo, Barry Kimokeo, And last but not least Sharlene for inviting my wife on tour with me so we wasnt apart for our first wedding anniversary and making this trip awesome.

Next stop......East Coast!
see you later

Jo said...

I didn't discover your blog until after the poll was closed for next summer's shows, but my mom and I would each like to register a vote for St. Louis. There is a growing Hawaiian/Hawaiian-at-heart population here. In fact, we dance with a halau here! We need more Hawaiian musicians to make St. Louis a stop on their tours. Please come!

Johanna Iwaszkowiec & Patty Clark
St. Louis, MO