Monday, July 14, 2008

Memphis Here We Come!

Saying our goodbyes to New Orleans, we stopped off at a little bakery called Cafe Du Monde.  Kelly had heard from her co-workers, and Haumea Aynaga had told us that we had to try the "beignets" in New Orleans.  Those are little square french doughnuts that were kind of a combination of malasadas and funnel cakes (that we had in Whittier).  They were really good!  The bakery also served steaming cups of cafe au lait.  Of course we wonder why people would want to drink coffee in 102 degree weather, but hey, to each his own.  

We got in our vans...all ready for our 6 hour drive to Memphis, on the way to our next show in Nashville, Tennessee!  Hope "ghetto Maaarrrrrry" is all set.  We locked her up so Mikey couldn't get to her so I think we're safe =)

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Dreaming of Hawai`i said...

Aloha from Oklahoma, near OKC. So sorry to have missed you during your swing through the South. I'm really enjoying your blogs. You see, I grew up in Baton Rouge, and used to live in Memphis; in fact, my children live there, now. Anyway, what I wanted to ask you was whether you actually made it from New Orleans to Memphis in six hours. As memory serves, that's a 450-mile drive. Am I wrong? If I'm right, would you tell me how many policemen you met along the way? And, if you met any, did they have the Aloha spirit? Mississippi's a pretty friendly place, but I'm not sure they quite achieve aloha. LOL. Be sure to tell us all about your trips to Japan and New England. Wish I could make the concert in Cleveland (It's closest), but at 950 miles as the crow flies, that's not going to happen. Alas! Maybe you can tour the Midwest soon??? Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas...??? Otherwise, I'll just have to try and catch you on my next trip to O`ahu. In the meantime, I'll put on my CDs, practice my Hawai`ian, and wish you a heartfelt Mahalo! for all the pleasurable hours your music gives me.