Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Made It to Houston!

After leaving Honolulu at 8pm last night, we finally arrived in Houston at 11:30am.  It is hot!  We were looking for oil rigs but none to be found.  We picked up our 2 minivans and then the Sons (with entourage of 9) took to the road.  Not 5 minutes later, "Maaaaarrrrry" (Mikey's GPS) already got us lost.  It's pretty bad when you use a GPS and still get lost.  The other problem is when the 2 GPS's don't give the same routing for the same address.  So we are now pulled over in this little lot where they're selling tires and hub caps.  Mikey is MIA (Mikey, meeting at 8am tomorrow!)  We finally decide to just follow our own GPS (whose name is G.M., "ghetto Maaaarrry"... who got her name because 1) she likes to drive through the ghettos and 2) we didn't have the right fixture to stick her to the dashboard, so Uncle Moon whipped out his duct tape and stuck her on there) and we figure we'll all just meet up at the end...hopefully!

Surprisingly, gas here is cheap...$3.89!  Thank God because if we keep getting lost like this we're going to eat up a lot of it.

We know we're lost because all of a sudden there is nothing in English here.  Everything written in Spanish.  No habla Espanol!  Where the heck are we???????  Lotta dollar stores in this area, and a Dairy King (Dairy KING????).  Sitting here hoping we didn't cross the border.

It is a beautiful day though, the sky is a light blue and lots of fluffy clouds.  Yes, we digress so as not to focus on the ghetto we're driving through. be continued...if we get out of here alive.


Michael said...

I would like to say that i am not responsible for them getting lost. They followed their gps instead of following me. We got to the hotel with no problems. and waited for them in the Lobby. Im not the one who ended up in Pasedena texas....near the Dairy King.........????

They found me eventually and everything is good now.....But i still have a morning meeting(get cracks...) =) Mikey

KING of HEARTS said...

Prince Mikey,

Cancel the meeting tomorrow. Spend some quality time with your lovely wife Kelly. I heard... you folks went shopping today. *cool*

To all of our fans and friends, everyone is going to love the new look on the Makaha Sons Website. Thanks Sharlene, Ian and Myrna, we make a great team!!!

It's a beautiful evening in Houston... it's after midnight... I'm hungry...


soassociates said...

It is true Mikey, you didn't get us lost. But...I did see you playing with "ghetto Maaarrrrry" before we left. Can you spell "s-a-b-o-t-a-g-e"? That's okay, believe it or not, Angelina Jolie was shooting a lingerie ad down in Pasadena...sorry you missed it.

Hahaha! Just joking, you know we love you. (Kelly, how the heck do you put up with him????)

P.S. Sonic was the bomb...thanks for finding it for us.

Prince GPS said...

Sabotage? never.......muuuuuuuuhahahahahahahahaha!