Sunday, July 13, 2008

Aloha Houston, Hello New Orleans

If you're wondering what this picture is of, it's a cool bridge that we crossed in Texas on the way to Louisiana.  Why did we choose to post this picture?  Because, other than this it was about 5 hours of open field, trees, and swamp.  And a few cows.  Approximately 300 miles of it!  All kidding aside, there were some beautiful lakes and rivers too.  And each little town we passed had its own personality.

We left IHOP in Houston at approximately 12 noon, and made our first stop somewhere around Beaumont.  We remember Beaumont because quite a few people from last night's show came from there.  Wow, you guys drive far just to come see the Makaha Sons yah?  Mahalo!!! 

We drove for quite a while just talking or joking, and then Kealo remembered she could plug her iPod in.  There's nothing like good music to make the time go quicker.  So, you wonder what kind of music the Sons listen to?  Of course they love good Hawaiian music, but they also love the Gipsy Kings, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Santana, Phoebe Snow, old 60's and 70's music, Motown, the Eagles, and many others.  Their musical taste is surprisingly diverse.

We hit Louisiana about 6pm and got stuck in some traffic.  We crossed the Mississippi River, and then drove through Baton Rouge.  True to form, "ghetto Maaaarrrrry" got us turned around and took us through the projects.  Actually, we were just following Mikey, who unbeknownst to us was falling asleep while driving.  We heard his wife, Kelly, had to give him a few jabs with her elbow to keep him awake.  Thanks Kelly!  He probably needed a (loud) dose of Gipsy Kings.  We arrived in New Orleans pretty close to 8pm.  You can still see signs of the devastation, but the city looks like it's rebuilding quite nicely.  Other than some empty lots around the area, and the fact that there are an unusual number of new homes, you'd never know that a hurricane and flood came through there.

After checking into the hotel, we met Mark Schenk, who invited us to his restaurant, where the concert will be tomorrow.  We heard that the VIP tickets are getting close to sold out but tickets to the show are still available if any of you will be in New Orleans.  Anyway, we got to have dinner at Mark's restaurant, and the food was yummy!!!  It's called Lakeview Harbor Restaurant, at 911 Harrison.  We could barely walk out of there...we all ate so much!

We were debating whether to drive through town, but it was late and we were all so tired so instead decided to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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Prince GPS said...

ok heres what happened in our van..................chirp........chirp..........chirp......(crickets). Im in a van that has the people who dont talk much(kelly my wife and Barry Kimokeo). after seeing swamp and more swamp my mind decided to turn off. after i realized i was falling asleep i found a radio show that i really enjoyed......."A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor and his beautiful home town of Lake Wobegon. Thanks Garrison for keeping me alert. And remember to support Public radio. I was informing my travelling buddys all of the special places we passed like when we crossed the state line from texas to louisiana, driving over the mississippi river, and things like that. and yes we have pictures. Mary(my GPS) was also acting up this time. well we got here and its all good.
mahalo mark for the was oishi.