Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Road Again!

Well here we are, on our last leg of our tour...headed to Orlando.  We left at around 10am this morning and it's close to 8:30pm now.  We have 225 miles to go and are shooting for Orlando at 12:48am.  Wow!  For a bunch of Hawaiians, we're not used to this!  But we're having a blast.  We stopped off to eat at this little diner somewhere close to Macon, Georgia.  Apparently Macon is known for their cherry blossom trees.

Thank goodness we have tomorrow off, although some of us were planning to go to Disneyworld and check out the parks there.  

Well, Sharlene's computer is just about to run out of batteries and we have one more blog to write so better sign off here!

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