Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Heading for Houston!

Hi Everyone...welcome to our blog!  On our last tour, we had such adventures that we wanted to share, but by the time we got back we forgot half of what we did, and our photographer was sleeping the other half of the time!  So we set up this "travel blog" so you can follow us on our tour, and not miss out on a moment of fun.  We're also setting this up where you can make comments, which we will receive while we're on the road.  

See you all in Houston!

Moon, John & Jerome


Piko said...

Maika'i no!! Can't wait see... :)

Malama pono,

Anonymous said...

Aloha Uncle Boogs, Uncle John, Uncle Moon, Shar, Kealo and Mikey.

Wish we were coming to Houston. I've told my cousins to come hopefully they will make it.

Miss you all.

soassociates said...

Thanks Piko, for all your help promoting our concerts!

Sharon said...

This blog is such an awesome idea!
It'll be so nice to hear about your adventures.
Can't wait to see you all again when you come back here to Pittsburgh!
Have an awesome time in your travels!
hugs to everyone!