Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Llegamos en Guanajuato (We arrive in Guanajuato)

For all you who speak Mexican/Spanish, if the subject line is incorrect please forgive us!  Just walking through the town, and seeing the old Mexican architecture, smelling the delicious food from the street vendors, enjoying the mariachi, and listening to the passersby talking with each other just makes us want to speak along with them!  But of course other than "enchilada," "quesadilla," or "tostada," we're pretty lost!

We arrived at the tiny airport in Guanajuato (think Molokai) and the plane actually had to make a u-turn because the runway was that short.

While driving from the airport, we could see a statue of Christ off in the distance on the top of a mountain.  Our lovely promoter/host Erika Visoso told us that that statue's location was the exact center of Mexico.  We thought that was pretty cool.

Guanajuato is a very historical city.  Very picturesque...beautiful architecture...heavy Spanish/European influence.  Walking along the streets you can just feel the history and spirit of this richly romantic town.

The concert will be held at the Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato, on Saturday.  Tickets are still available.  Check our website at makahasons.com for details.

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